Docker Community Spotlight: Adina-Valentina Radulescu

Jul 21 2017

Adina-Valentina Radulescu, a DevOps/Integration Engineer for Pentalog Romania, has been organizing meetups for not one but two meetup groups.

In February of last year, Adina founded Docker Brasov and Docker Timisoara, and has since done an amazing job creating and fostering a sense of belonging in her community. This month, we’re happy to shine the community spotlight on Adina to learn more about her Docker story.

Tell us about your first experience with Docker. 

The first time I heard about Docker was back in 2014. I played around with Docker and I was impressed with the simplicity of integration so I wanted to learn more. I was able to attend DockerCon EU in 2015 in Barcelona where I completed some labs and attended the talks to learn as much as I could about Docker. It was a powerful feeling.

Why did you start Docker Brasov and Docker Timisoara?

I wanted to have a Docker sharing exchange experience when I get back in Romania. I relocated from Timisoara to a beautiful mountain city, Brasov. In Timisoara, I knew people and companies. In Brasov, I knew almost no one. This is why I decided to start the two groups so I could share what I had been learning, allow others to share their experience, and so we could stay up-to-date on Docker.

What do you love about the community and specifically the Docker community in Romania? What makes your community unique?

For both cities, what I love about the community is the people. Romanian people are extraordinary. In both groups, there are many different types of people with different backgrounds and experience. There are developers, Q&A managers, ops, students, freelancers etc. If someone can’t come, or has to cancel, they let me know. Our members respect each other and everyone is very warm and welcoming.

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Now that you use Docker, how do you use it, and what do you use it for?

I use Docker both professionally and in my personal projects. At work, I help run all the tools that our development team needs in Docker. When IPs and network changes were made, the QA was affected first so they noticed communication issues that we could fix before getting into the release delivery. Since I brought Docker into the mix, the developers and QAs could actually focus on implementing and testing the application functionalitIes, not spending 50% of their time on system setups. It felt great that I was able to help them.

What are some aspects you love about organizing Docker meetups? 

I’m a people person so I really enjoy bringing the community together, meeting new people and sharing my experiences. I love meeting people who are talking about Docker and what I especially like about the Docker meetups, is how much I’m constantly learning. I enjoy planning the content and finding speakers that the groups would like to hear about.

What advice would you give to a new Docker organizer?

Passion is the key! Don’t be worried about your experience level. Use your passion to share and learn to organize great events. Docker puts together really great trainings and resources to get you started.

Try to identify passionate people in your community to help you out. Your contact for the venue can help with promotion, or someone might know a company who can sponsor food. I personally couldn’t have done it without the help of Ovidiu-Florin Bogdan who is very passionate about using Docker and who has been involved in the meetups from the beginning.

Adapt the meetup duration according to the participants needs. Either try to fit in a schedule (Timisoara) or don’t impose time limits (Brasov).

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What do you do when you are not organizing meetup events?

I really like to stay active and travel. I particularly like Zumba and swimming. Every so often, I’m in my home city Resita organizing Coder Dojo meetups and mentoring kids.

Motto or personal mantra?

  1. The best time is now.
  2. If you are afraid of something you have to do it!  

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