Announcing Docker Birthday #4: Spreading the Docker Love!

Feb 14 2017

Docker Birthday Community is at the heart of Docker and thanks to the hard work of thousands of maintainers, contributors, Captains, mentors, organizers, and the entire Docker community, the Docker platform is now used in production by companies of all sizes and industries.

To show our love and gratitude, it has become a tradition for Docker and our awesome network of meetup organizers to host Docker Birthday #4 meetup celebrations all over the world. This year the celebrations will take place during the week of March 13-19, 2017. Come learn, mentor, celebrate, eat cake, and take an epic #dockerselfie!

Docker Love

We wanted to hear from the community about why they love Docker!

Wellington Silva, Docker São Paulo meetup organizer said “Docker changed my life, I used to spend days compiling and configuring environments. Then I used to spend hours setting up using VM. Nowadays I setup an environment in minutes, sometimes in seconds.”

Docker Santo Domingo organizer, Victor Recio said, “Docker has increased my effectiveness at work, currently I can deploy software to production environment without worrying that it will not work when the delivery takes place. I love docker and I’m very grateful with it and whenever I can share my knowledge about docker with the young people of the communities of my country I do it and I am proud that there are already startups that have reach a Silicon Valley level.”

Docker Birthday Labs 

At the local birthday #4 meetups, there will be Docker labs and challenges to help attendees at all levels #learndocker and welcome new members into the community. We’re partnering with CS schools, non-profit organizations, and local meetup groups to throw a series of events around the world. While the courses and labs are geared towards newcomers and intermediate level users, advanced and expert community members are invited to join as mentors to help attendees work through the materials.

Find a Birthday meetup near you!

There are already 154 Docker Birthday #4 celebrations scheduled around the world with more on the way! Check back as more events are announced.

Tuesday, March 7th

Thursday, March 9th

Saturday, March 11th

Sunday, March 12th

Monday, March 13th

Tuesday, March 14th

Wednesday, March 15th

Thursday, March 16th

Friday, March 17th

Saturday, March 18th

Sunday, March 19th

Monday, March 20th

Tuesday, March 21st

Wednesday, March 22nd

Thursday, March 23rd

Friday, March 24th

Saturday, March 25th

Monday, March 27th

Tuesday, March 28th

  • Belgrade, Serbia

Wednesday, March 29th

Thursday, March 30th

Friday, March 31st

Saturday, April 1st

Want to help us organize a Docker Birthday celebration in your city? Email us at [email protected] for more information!

Are you an advanced Docker user? Join us as a mentor!

We are recruiting a network of mentors to attend the local events and help guide attendees through the Docker Birthday labs. Mentors should have experience working with Docker Engine, Docker Networking, Docker Hub, Docker Machine, Docker Orchestration and Docker Compose. Click here to sign up as a mentor.


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