At the Grace Hopper Celebration, Learn Why Developers Love Docker

Sep 26 2019

Lisa Dethmers-Pope and Amn Rahman at Docker also contributed to this blog post.

Docker hosted a Women’s Summit at DockerCon 2019.

As a Technical Recruiter at Docker, I am excited to be a part of Grace Hopper Celebration. It is a marvelous opportunity to speak with many talented women in tech and to continue pursuing one of Docker’s most valued ambitions: further diversifying our team. The Docker team will be on the show floor at the Grace Hopper Celebration, the world’s largest gathering of women technologists the week of October 1st in Orlando, Florida.

Our Vice President of Human Resources, and our Senior Director of Product Management, along with representatives from our Talent Acquisition and Engineering teams will be there to connect with attendees. We will be showing how to easily build, run, and share an applications using the Docker platform, and talking about what it’s like to work in tech today. 

Supporting Women in Tech

While we’ve made strides in diversity within tech, the 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey shows we have work to do. According to the survey, only 7.5 percent of professional developers are women worldwide (it’s 11 percent of all developers in the U.S.).

That’s why Docker hosts Women in Tech events at our own conferences, and we’re pleased to participate in the  Grace Hopper Celebration this year. It’s a place for women technologists to learn, network, and connect with a like-minded community. The conference offers attendees several opportunities to advance their professional development, find and provide mentorship, and further develop their leadership skills.

Last year’s celebration hosted over 20,000 attendees from 78 countries as well as thousands of listeners over livestream. We are thrilled to be involved with the conference and show our support for an organization making such a powerful impact.

Creating and Fostering Connections

2 million developers already use Docker regularly today. We have over 240 regional user groups, and a presence in 80 countries. Diversity and inclusion are a key part of our community, and we’ll continue building on that as we grow.

We are seeking forward-thinking individuals to join our team who have diverse experiences and are passionate about bringing technology that transforms lives, industries, and the world to life.

Whether you’re a curious explorer, a Docker newbie, or a super-powered Docker ninja, you should come join us at the Docker booth to learn more about how you can get the most benefit out of the platform!

If you’re a data scientist, a developer, or just bouncing from one coding assignment to the next, come and learn how you can start using Docker almost immediately! Apart from being introduced to cool Docker lingo, you’ll learn how to quickly launch a Docker environment, spin up an app on your machine, and share it with the rest of the world via Docker Hub.

We look forward to collaborating and connecting with you. Come visit us at the technology showcase booth 359, 3648!

In the meantime, if you’d like to dive into diversity in tech, these three DockerCon sessions are a great starting point:


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