Introducing the Modernize Traditional Apps Program

Apr 19 2017

Today at DockerCon, we announced the Modernize Traditional Applications (MTA) Program to help enterprises make their existing legacy apps more secure, more efficient and portable to hybrid cloud infrastructure.  Collaboratively developed and brought to market with partners Avanade, Cisco, HPE, and Microsoft, the MTA Program consists of consulting services, Docker Enterprise Edition, and hybrid cloud infrastructure from partners to modernize existing .NET Windows or Java Linux applications in five days or less.  Designed for IT operations teams, the MTA Program modernizes existing legacy applications without modifying source code or re-architecting the application.

Modernize Traditional Apps with Docker

The First Step In The Microservices Journey

In working with hundreds of our enterprise IT customers the last couple years, when we sit down with them one of the first questions they inevitably ask is, “What is the first step we should take toward microservices?”

Through experience we have found that, for the vast majority of them, the best answer is, “Start with what you have today – with your existing applications.”   Why is this the right place for them to start?  Because it recognizes two realities facing enterprise IT organizations today: existing applications consume 80% of IT budgets, and most IT organizations responsible for existing apps are also tasked with hybrid cloud initiatives.  

Seeing this pattern repeatedly, we developed this program as a solution for IT operations teams to rapidly address both realities.

Bringing Portability, Security, and Efficiency to Legacy Applications

The heart of the program is methodology and automation tooling to containerize existing .NET Windows or Java Linux applications without modifying source code or re-architecting the app.  Then, using Docker’s Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS) offering, Docker Enterprise Edition (Docker EE), IT operations teams deploy and manage the newly-containerized applications onto partners’ hybrid cloud infrastructure.

The result?  Customers participating in the private beta of the Modernize Traditional Apps Program during the last six months report the following benefits:

  • Portability.  Customers share that previous attempts to move legacy applications to hybrid cloud infrastructure took months and suffered from high failure rates.  In contrast, thanks to the ability of containers to package together an application and its dependencies, MTA’d legacy applications can be moved in weeks.
  • Security.  Docker Enterprise Edition (Docker EE) improves the security profile of existing legacy applications through container-based isolation, automated scanning and alerting for vulnerabilities, and integrity verification through digital signatures.
  • Efficiency.  Customers realize significant improvements in the total cost of ownership (TCO) in both CapEx and OpEx of their existing legacy applications.

To give specific examples, today at DockerCon private beta program participants Northern Trust and Microsoft IT both shared their experiences and results:

  • Northern Trust, a leading international financial services company, experienced  deployment times that were 4X faster and noted a 2X improvement in infrastructure utilization;
  • Microsoft is not only a partner in this program; their IT organization is also a beta customer.  Microsoft IT increased app density 4X with zero impact to performance and were able to reduce their infrastructure costs by a third.

Program Powered By Partners

The goal of the program is to accelerate the time-to-value for customers.  To achieve this, we worked closely with our partners to define tightly-scoped, turnkey solutions consisting of consulting services, Docker Enterprise Edition (Docker EE) software, and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

  • Avanade and Microsoft Azure.  Avanade’s consulting services provides a structured approach for evaluating the customer’s existing legacy applications, containerizing, and deploying and managing the containerized apps on Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud using Docker EE.
  • Cisco.  Cisco offers consulting services and their UCS converged infrastructure products for MTA Program customers.  Used together with Docker EE,  the solution helps customers take advantage of Cisco’s policy-based container networking technology, Contiv, in deploying containerized apps to hybrid cloud environments.
  • HPE.  For hybrid cloud solutions employing composable infrastructure, HPE offers MTA Program customers consulting services and converged infrastructure products together with Docker EE to deploy and manage containerized legacy apps.

Modernize Traditional Apps

Docker Enterprise Edition Empower Customers to Control the Journey

These turnkey bundles make the MTA Program a quick, efficient solution for IT operations taking the first step toward microservices.  And with the modernized applications being managed by the Docker CaaS offering, Docker Enterprise Edition (Docker EE), customers have control over the journey’s pace and direction – how fast or slow as well as which application functionality to re-factor into microservices versus which to leave as-is.  This flexibility stems from Docker EE’s ability to manage the lifecycle of any containerized app, from 10-years-old legacy to just-released new microservices-based and anything in between.

Modernize Traditional Apps

We are excited to announce the Modernize Traditional Apps Program today at DockerCon with partners Avanade, Cisco, HPE, and Microsoft and share the stories from IT organizations who are making their existing legacy applications portable, secure, and efficient.  Use the links below to learn more about how the MTA Program from Docker and its partners can help breathe new life into your existing legacy applications.

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