Docker Enterprise Edition Certified as Kubernetes Conformant

Nov 14 2017

Yesterday, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation® (CNCF®) announced that Docker Enterprise Edition (Docker EE) passed the Certified Kubernetes™ conformance program. Based on the upcoming release of Docker EE that was demonstrated onstage at DockerCon Europe, this certification guarantees that all Kubernetes APIs function as specified to deliver a consistent and portable Kubernetes experience within Docker EE.

Docker EE Certified Kubernetes

In addition to a fully-conformant, unmodified  Kubernetes experience, users of Docker EE will also have access to the advanced capabilities of the Docker platform including simple and powerful clustering, a secure end-to-end supply chain, and validation to run on all major Linux distributions, Windows, IBM mainframe, and several leading public clouds. By integrating Kubernetes into Docker EE, we simplify and advance the management of Kubernetes for enterprise IT.  

Conformance Testing

Docker EE was certified against Kubernetes v1.8 by passing a test suite overseen by SIG Architecture. The test gives end users the confidence that Docker EE delivers a high level of common functionality to the main Kubernetes distribution and these results are validated by CNCF.

As a Certified Kubernetes platform, we are also promising to release new versions of Docker EE with Kubernetes to ensure that customers can take advantage of the rapid pace of ongoing development of the Kubernetes project.

Join the Beta

If you’re interested in a fully conformant Kubernetes environment that is ready for the enterprise, sign up today for our upcoming Beta:

Learn how you can bring a secure, enterprise container platform that supports both Docker Swarm and Kubernetes side-by-side:


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