Docker Hub Reaches Over 1.2 Billion Pulls

Nov 6 2015

In March 2013, we demonstrated Docker in public for the first time, and we built “the Index” – now known as Docker Hub. Docker Hub is our cloud service for building, organizing and distributing Docker container images.

Fast forward five months to August 2013, when something very exciting happened. “The Index” reached the incredible milestone of 2,000 downloads!

To immortalize that historic moment we took this picture.

Today, we are proud to announce another huge milestone in the Docker community: In October, we reached over a billion pulls from Docker Hub. Every minute we now do roughly twice the number of pulls as that first milestone a little over two years ago. And of course, to immortalize this milestone, we took another picture!


You can see that the starting in December of last year, the graph curves up sharply and is still going!

Development teams use Docker Hub to automate their delivery pipelines, and get trusted, up-to-date versions of their Dockerized applications. Each pull means that a Docker engine is downloading an image from Docker Hub to create containers from it.

At Docker we are really proud of Docker Hub, and happy that the community has adopted it as the primary tool for publishing and sharing images.

There are currently over 240,000 repositories on Docker Hub, and it’s growing every day. We’re really excited because this increase shows that we have an exponential growth in the use of Docker overall.

Docker Hub has official repositories, which are curated repositories of key open source projects like Linux distributions, data stores, popular programming language runtimes, and more. These official repos are at the top of the pulls, representing about 17% of all pulls.

These numbers are just for the public repositories, many people use Hub for private repositories, which aren’t even counted in these numbers. And now that Tutum is part of Docker, expect that to grow as well!

You’re probably already using Hub, but if you’re not log on to Docker Hub and see all the great images already there.





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