Swarm Mode on a Raspberry Pi Cluster

Jul 19 2016

Last week I sat down with Dieter Reuter from Hypriot. Dieter is a Docker Captain who spends a lot of time working with ARM and Raspberry Pis in particular. Dieter told me how excited he is by Swarm Mode in particular because of how easy it would be to set-up a collection of Internet of Things devices to work together securely.

So we took a look at how easy it is to set-up a Raspberry Pi cluster and run Docker 1.12 in Swarm Mode. Here’s how he ran Swarm Mode:

So if you want to set-up a cluster of your own, he’s provided this helpful guide with a bit more details on how to set-up a Raspberry Pi Cluster in 29 minutes.

Also a number of people have asked after the visualizer that he’s using in demo. This is a Node.js visualizer originally built by the Docker Cloud team for DockerCon Europe. I modded it for DockerCon in Seattle, and released the code in a GitHub repository. I welcome additional contributions.

Download Docker here docker.wpsitekeep.com/getdocker

Only 6 days left for the Docker 1.12 Hackathon!

Don’t miss out on winning awesome prizes by hacking the new features in Docker 1.12 – extra point will be rewarded to each submission that includes a bug fix or contribution to Docker 1.12!

Form a team of up to 3 hackers to join the Docker 1.12 Hackathon.



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