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SEO Myths and Truths

June 18, 2019

With businesses in every industry placing an increasing importance on digital strategy, you’ve probably heard the term ‘’Search Engine Optimization’’ thrown around. At Art & Science, it’s no secret that we love all things digital, and we’re lucky to have SEO specialists who support our clients in creating and executing strategy every day.  I sat down with Aurora, one of our SEO specialists, to find out the truth about the biggest and most common SEO myths.

Myth One: Link Building is Dead

First of all, what is link building? It’s the process of getting other websites to link to your own. The more quality ‘’backlinks’’ (a hyperlink on a webpage that points to another link) you have, the better the search engine optimization – meaning it gives search engines the signal that your website is valuable.  People often try to manipulate the search engine algorithm by doing shady things like ‘’buying’’ links from other websites. Developing and executing a backlink strategy is often very time consuming, so people often think it’s not worth the time.

The Truth?

Link building is actually more natural. When your website has quality content, people are more likely to link to you in a natural manner and refer to you as a trusted source. 

Myth Two: SEO Optimizations Will Result in a Overnight Spike in Organic Traffic 

People often believe that SEO optimization will work immediately, resulting in an overnight spike in organic traffic. For example, if a website is upgraded from http to https, people may expect their traffic to improve dramatically right after the changes are live.

The Truth?

It usually takes a few months for search engine crawlers to notice these changes and re-evaluate the ranking of the website.

Myth Three: A One Time SEO Effort is Enough

Often, clients think one time SEO is enough if they are about to launch a new website or are looking for a one-time audit to get some quick wins for their website. In reality, a one-time effort is not enough because the google search landscape is constantly changing and algorithm change happens very frequently, resulting in a shift of organic search results. The success of the SEO optimization should constantly be analyzed and reviewed – if a certain copy isn’t leading to clicks on a search engine results page, you should consider rewriting it to improve click-through rate.

The Truth?

To fully benefit from SEO, the ideal solution would be an ongoing process that involves constant optimization. Since SEO is a long term strategy and the landscape is always changing, there is always work to be done.

Myth Four: Organic Traffic is Going to Dramatically Increase After I Write a Blog Post

Even if the blog content is well written and optimized for SEO purposes, it is not going to lead to a dramatic improvement in organic traffic overnight.

The Truth?

Distributing the content is almost as important as writing the content itself, as it helps to increase exposure and gives search engine crawlers the signal that this content is “valuable” and should ideally be ranked higher.

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