Mentorship in the Docker Community: How you can get involved

May 12 2017

Mentorship is an important part of the Docker Community. Over the past few global event series like the Docker Birthday #3 and Mentor week last year, advanced users attended their local event and helped attendees work through training materials. As interest in mentorship continues to grow, we’re excited to grow our programs and provide more opportunities for the community to get involved.

Docker Community Mentors

New this year at DockerCon, we organized a Mentor Summit for attendees to learn the ins and outs of being an awesome mentor both in industry and in the Docker Community. Check out the talks below and learn how you can get involved.

Anna Osswoski – How to Mentor and be a Great One & Sebastiaan van Stijn – How To Contribute to Open Source


Jérôme Petazzoni – A DockerCon 2017 Recap: give a talk in your local community

Are you an advanced Docker user? Join the Docker Mentor Group!

With over 280 Docker Meetup groups worldwide, the Docker online Community Group + Slack, and other programs, there is always an opportunity for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Mentors should have experience working with Docker Engine, Docker Networking, Docker Hub, Docker Machine, Docker Orchestration and Docker Compose.

Sign up as a mentor!

Learn about Mentorship in the Docker Community:


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