Introducing Docker Application Guides

Jul 20 2018

In April of 2017 we announced the Modernize Traditional Applications (MTA) program at Docker. The goal of MTA is to take the vast back catalogs of existing applications that are running in enterprise organizations today, and bring them to a modern container platform, without requiring extensive rewrites or refactoring. I’m excited to share part of our learning from the MTA program and announce the release of Docker Application Guides.


Oracle WebLogic MedRec Sample Application on Docker Enterprise Edition

Docker Application Guides demonstrate how to deploy popular enterprise applications – Oracle WebLogic and IBM MQ with WebSphere Liberty – on Docker Enterprise and Docker Desktop. Application Guides include example architectures and guidance for selecting Certified Docker container images from Docker Store and deploying a prototype application, orchestrated by Docker Swarm or Kubernetes.

It is important to note that Docker Application Guides are one piece of our prescriptive Docker customer journey to production. In addition to the knowledge transfer and process transformation that come with our full approach, Application Guides provide a reference for deploying common enterprise applications on the Docker Enterprise platform.

The first Docker Application Guides are designed to help you plan and deploy an Oracle WebLogic application stack or an IBM MQ with WebSphere Liberty sample stack on either Docker Desktop, for local development and testing, or Docker Enterprise, which is where the applications would run in production. The Application Guides include instructions for orchestrating with either Docker Swarm or Kubernetes, demonstrating the flexibility of the Docker container platform.

IBM MQ and IBM WebSphere Liberty on Docker Enterprise Edition

Where to Access Docker Application Guides

Docker Application Guides are built for Docker Enterprise and are available via the Docker Success Center.

You can access each Docker Application Guide using the links below:

You can deploy and test enterprise applications on Docker Enterprise and Docker Desktop, both of which include both Swarm and Kubernetes orchestration:

  • Get Docker Enterprise, the leading enterprise-ready container platform to cost-effectively build and manage your entire application portfolio
  • Get Docker Desktop for macOS or Windows, the simplest way to build and test applications on your own machine

What’s Next?

We’d love your feedback on additional capabilities and applications you’d like to see us include in our Application Guides. We already have some ideas and are working on the additional guides but ultimately these are for you so let us know what you’d like to see next. You can send us feedback on the Docker Community Slack channel #docker-ee-tools.

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