Docker Compose and Networking: Easy, secure apps at scale

Feb 29 2016

When we released Docker 1.10 and Docker Compose 1.6 on February 4th, we provided you with an easy way to build a fully featured and scalable app. It’s amazing what you can do with just one simple file.

I am constantly impressed what a docker-compose up gets you now. Networks and Volumes are now first class citizens of Docker Compose. That gives you a lot of control, allowing you to for instance put individual services on more than one network, and easily share volumes.

I wanted to share with you how you can also use this functionality, so naturally, I turned it into a video. Using the example voting app we built for DockerCon EU 2015, here is a walk through of how it works:

And if you want more info on the Docker Compose v2 file format, check out my earlier video:

Look fun? Give it a try and share your experience with us:



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