Docker and MuleSoft Partner to Accelerate Innovation for Enterprises

Nov 15 2018

A convergence of forces in SaaS, IoT, cloud, and mobile have placed unprecedented requirements on businesses to accelerate innovation to meet those rapidly changing preferences. The big don’t eat the small, the fast eat the slow.

The industry has offered several solutions to this acceleration problem – from working harder to outsourcing and devops, but none of those solutions have really offered the levels of acceleration needed. The reason: there is too much friction slowing the art of the possible.

Docker and MuleSoft remove friction in the innovation process, from ideation all the way to deployment. MuleSoft provides a tops down architectural approach, with API-first design and implementation. The Docker approach is bottoms up from the perspective of the application workload with containerization, to both modernize traditional applications and create of new applications.  

Marrying those two approaches combined with the platform, tools and methodology, enable both organizations to help your business accelerate faster than ever before. Docker and MuleSoft bridge the chasm between infrastructure and services in a way never before achieved in the industry.

Together, Docker and MuleSoft accelerate legacy application modernization and new application delivery while reducing IT complexity and costs.

  • Modernize traditional applications quickly without code changes with the Docker Enterprise container platform methodology and tooling to containerize legacy applications. Then, you can instantly extend the business logic and data to new applications by leveraging MuleSoft API gateway and Anypoint Platform.
  • Accelerate time to market of new applications by enhancing developer productivity and collaboration and enabling greater reuse of application services. Anypoint Studio lets you define API contracts and decouple consumers and producers of microservices, so line of business developers who consume the API can start creating new experiences such as a mobile application right away with Anypoint mock service. Docker Desktop is used today by millions of developers to develop microservices using any language and any framework: microservice developers can leverage Docker Desktop to implement the APIs using the best tool for the job, and focus on implementing the business logic with a clear specification defined in Anypoint Platform, letting Anypoint Platform provide one more layer of security, observability and manageability at the API level.
  • Improve overall application security, manageability and observability by using Docker Enterprise to manage container workloads and MuleSoft Anypoint Platform to run and manage the application network.

Only Docker and MuleSoft can bring you the complete solution, tools, methodology and know-how, to execute a multi-pronged approach to transforming your business today. And we’re going to work together to make the experience even more pleasurable. There is a saying in IT that between speed, cost, and quality you have to pick two. With Docker and MuleSoft together, you can have all three.

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