Introducing Docker Desktop Enterprise

Dec 4 2018

Nearly 1.4 million developers use Docker Desktop every single day because it is the simplest and easiest way for container-based development. Docker Desktop provides the Docker Engine with Swarm and Kubernetes orchestrators right on the desktop, all from a single install. While this is great for an individual user, in enterprise environments administrators often want to automate the Docker Desktop installation and ensure everyone on the development team has the same configuration following enterprise requirements and creating applications based on architectural standards.



Docker Desktop Enterprise is a new desktop offering that is the easiest, fastest and most secure way to create and deliver production-ready containerized applications. Developers can work with frameworks and languages of their choice, while IT can securely configure, deploy and manage development environments that align to corporate standards and practices. This enables organizations to rapidly deliver containerized applications from development to production.

Enterprise Manageability That Helps Accelerate Time-to-Production

Docker Desktop Enterprise provides a secure way to configure, deploy and manage developer environments while enforcing safe development standards that align to corporate policies and practices. IT teams and application architects can present developers with application templates designed specifically for their team, to bootstrap and standardize the development process and provide a consistent environment all the way to production.

Key new features for IT:

  • Packaged as standard MSI (Win) and PKG (Mac) distribution files that work with existing endpoint management tools with lockable settings via policy files
  • Present developers with customized and approved application templates, ready for coding

Enterprise Deployment & Configuration Packaging

Docker Desktop Enterprise enables IT desktop admins to deploy and manage Docker Desktop Enterprise across distributed developer teams with their preferred endpoint management tools using standard MSI and PKG files. No manual intervention or extra configuration from developers is required and desktop administrators can enable or disable particular settings within Docker Desktop Enterprise to meet corporate standards and provide the best developer experience.

Application Templates

Docker Application templates

Application architects can provide developers with trusted, customized application templates through the Application Designer interface in Docker Desktop Enterprise, helping to improve reliability and security by ensuring developers start from approved designs. Together, application teams and IT can implement consistent security and development practices across the entire software supply chain, from the developers’ desktops all the way to production.

Increase Developer Productivity and Ship Production-ready Containerized Applications

For developers, Docker Desktop Enterprise is the easiest and fastest way to build production-ready containerized applications working with frameworks and languages of choice and targeting every platform. Developers can rapidly innovate by leveraging company-provided application templates that instantly replicate production-approved application configurations on the local desktop.

Key new features for developers:

  • Configurable version packs instantly replicate production environment configurations on the local desktop
  • Application Designer interface allows for template-based workflows for creating containerized applications – no Docker CLI commands are required to get started

Configurable Version Packs

Desktop Enterprise Version Packs

Docker Desktop has Docker Engine and Kubernetes built-in and with the addition of swappable version packs you can now synchronize your desktop development environment with the same Docker API and Kubernetes versions that are used in production with Docker Enterprise. You get the assurance that your application will not break due to incompatible API calls, and if you have multiple downstream environments running different versions of the APIs, you can quickly change your desktop configuration with the click of a button.

Application Designer       

Choice of GUI or CLI

The Application Designer is a new workflow that provides production-ready application and service templates that let you get coding quickly, with the reassurance that your application meets architectural standards. And even if you’ve never launched a container before, the Application Designer interface provides the foundational container artifacts and your organization’s skeleton code, getting you started with containers in minutes. Plus, Docker Desktop Enterprise integrates with your choice of development tools, whether you prefer an IDE or a text editor and command line interfaces.


The Docker Desktop Products

Docker Desktop Enterprise is a new addition to our desktop product portfolio which currently includes the free Docker Desktop Community products for MacOS and Windows. Docker Desktop is the simplest way to get started with container-based development on both Windows 10 and macOS with a set of features now available for the enterprise:

Desktop Comparison Table


To learn more about Docker Desktop Enterprise:

  • Sign up to learn more about Docker Desktop Enterprise as we approach general availability
  • Watch the livestreams of the DockerCon EU keynotes, Tuesday from 09:00 – 11:00 CET and Wednesday from 9:30am-11:00am CET. (Replays will also be available)
  • Download Docker Desktop Community and build your first containerized application in minutes [ Windows | mac OS ]


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