5 Reasons to Attend DockerCon SF 2019

Jan 28 2019


If you can only attend one conference this year – make it matter. DockerCon is the one-stop event for practitioners, contributors, maintainers, developers, and the container ecosystem to learn, network and innovate. And this year, we will continue to bring you all the things you love about DockerCon like Docker Pals, the Hallway Track and roundtables, and the sessions and content you wanted more of – including open source, transformational, and practical how-to talks. Take advantage of our lowest ticket price when you register by January 31, 2019. No codes required.

And in case you are still not convinced, here are a few more reasons you shouldn’t miss this year’s DockerCon

  1. Belong.The Docker Community is one of a kind and the best way to feel a part of it is at DockerCon. Take advantage the Docker Pals Program, Hallway Track, roundables and social events to meet new people and make lasting connections.
  2. Think big. Docker containers and our container platform are being used everywhere for everything – from sending rockets to space to literally saving the earth from asteroids to keeping e-commerce running smoothly for black Friday shoppers. Come to DockerCon and imagine your digital future.
  3. Build your skills. DockerCon’s sessions prioritize learning with actionable takeaways – from tips and tricks for devs, to real-world best practices for ops, from customer stories to the latest innovations from the Docker Team.
  4. Be the expert. Dive into topics such as machine learning, CI/CD, Kubernetes, developer tools, security, and more through Hallway Track – a one-of-a-kind meeting tool that allows attendees to easily schedule one-on-one & group conversations about topics of their choosing.
  5. Experience Unparalleled Networking. We know that one of the main reasons to attend a conference is who you will meet and DockerCon brings together industry experts and practitioners at every stage of the container journey. So grow your network, meet with other attendees, and get to know the Docker team!

Reserve your seat and register now!


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