5 years later, Docker has come a long way

Mar 20 2018

The evolution of Docker: From introducing a container runtime to building an enterprise-ready container platform

Back in March 2013, Docker was introduced publicly for the first time during Docker founder, Solomon Hykes’ lightning talk at PyCon. Since that moment in 2013, Docker has evolved in conjunction with the needs of users and customers to drive innovation around security, orchestration, networking and more. From building out advanced security features across the software supply chain and offering the choice of both Swarm and Kubernetes, to developing Docker for Mac/Windows and the Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) container platform, Docker has come a long way. Now at the age of five, Docker has millions of users and over 450 commercial customers – including hundreds of the world’s largest companies – that rely on Docker EE to power their digital and multi-cloud initiatives.

Docker Birthday

The history of Docker has shaped where we are today and as we celebrate our 5th birthday this week, we take a look back at the journey that lead us here.

Following the enthusiastic reception at PyCon 2013, Docker’s image format and container runtime quickly emerged as the de facto standard and building block for the community, customers and the broader industry. The power of Docker is  that it created independence between applications and infrastructure through its portable format and easy to use tooling. The outcome was that Docker democratized container technology and brought it into mainstream by solving the “matrix from hell” problem for millions of developers.

This sparked the formation of a vibrant community around Docker – where we have been committed to driving collaboration and innovation from its inception. Docker led the formation of the  Open Container Initiative (OCI) and drove OCI v1.0 runtime and image specifications last year. Similarly, our own Michael Crosby was just elected chairman of the Technical Oversight Board to help guide the direction of the OCI. Last year, we also announced the donation of containerd, the industry standard containerd runtime used by millions of users and Notary, a project designed to provide high levels of trust over digital content using strong cryptographic signatures to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

The road to an enterprise container platform

As we continued to work closely with the community, partners and customers, we recognized the need for an end-to-end container platform. Orchestration was a piece of the puzzle but security proved to be a requirement for most customers in addition to automation, networking, storage and more. Most importantly, our customers want an enterprise-ready container platform that provides freedom of choice, enabling them to build and manage their entire application portfolio at their own pace without the risk of being locked in.

Docker EE

To meet the evolving needs of our customers, in the past year alone we:

  • Announced the integration of an unmodified Kubernetes – alongside Swarm – to give users the ability to choose between orchestrators based on their respective needs.
  • Continued to drive innovation on the security front with rich features including role-based access control (RBAC), secrets management and image scanning to bring end-to-end security to the software supply chain.
  • Rolled out the Modernize Traditional Applications (MTA) program to give companies a clear path to the cloud – and ultimately microservices – by containerizing their legacy applications to make them more secure, cost-efficient and portable, without touching the source code.

Thank you to our community, partners and customers for being a guiding light on this journey. This celebration of Docker’s 5th birthday is for you.

Docker Birthday events worldwide – RSVP Today

From customers to partners and local Docker community chapters, we’re excited that to celebrate Docker’s 5th Birthday with all of you. Come learn, mentor, celebrate, eat cake, and take an epic #dockerselfie! No matter where you are in your Docker journey, the birthday events are meant to help demystify some Docker concepts and guide users along specific learning path depending on their use case and expertise level. Advanced Docker users and partners will be available on-site and act as mentors to help everyone complete a series of Docker hands-on labs.  

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